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We specialise in supplying good quality tried and tested, very popular metal polishing & buffing kits for the DIY and Commercial sectors.
We ship to our very satisfied clients all around the world.

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Bench Grinder, Electric Drill and Car Polisher Metal Polishing Kits
Bench Grinder Metal Polishing Kits
Bench Grinder Metal Polishing Kits

Our popular ranges of Metal Polishing Kits are very satisfactorily used for a multitude of applications, including

* Motor Bike Parts
* Classis Car Parts
* And much more

* Car Alloy Wheels
* Yacht Railings
* Antique Metal Items
* Gold and Silver Jewellery
* And all other ferous and non-ferous metal items

Our ranges of Metal Polishing and Buffing Kits are suitable for polishing and buffing -

* Stainless Steel
* Aluminium
* Copper
* Bronze
* Chrome
* Steel
* Gold

* Silver

Electric Drill Metal Polishing Kits
Drill / Angle Grinder / Car Polisher Metal Polishing Kits

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Metal Polishing & Buffing Kits