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- Handheld - Mini Polisher
- Car Polisher / Angle Grinder
- Rotary Tool - Metals
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Add-On / Conversion Polishing Kits
- Bench Grinder - Metals
- Bench Grinder - Jewellery
- Car Polisher / Angle Grinder

Polishing Kits For Use With A Drill
- General Purpose
- Aluminium, Alloy, Brass
- Car Wheels
- Chrome
- Copper
- Jewellery - Gold, Silver
- Steel & Stainless Steel

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- Adapters & Mandrels

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Metal Polishing Wheels

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Welcome To Metal Polishing Kits Website and Online Shop

We specialise in supplying a large range of quality tried and tested, very popular Metal Polishing & Buffing Kits for the DIY and Commercial sectors.

We ship to our very satisfied clients all around the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.

Our popular ranges of Metal Polishing Kits are very satisfactorily used for a multitude of applications, including

* Motor Bike Parts
* Classis Car Parts
* Jewellery
* Antiques
* And much more

* Car Alloy Wheels
* Yacht Railings
* Antique Metal Items
* Gold and Silver Jewellery
* And all other ferous and non-ferous metal items

Our ranges of Metal Polishing and Buffing Kits are suitable for polishing and buffing -

* Stainless Steel
* Aluminium
* Copper
* Chrome
* Bronze
* Alloys
* Brass
* Steel
* Gold

* Silver

Our General Purpose Kits for use with an Electric Drill have polishing bars for polishing aluminium, alloys, brass, steel and stainless steel. For individual metal types, kits are available as can be seen in the categories on the left for those applications.
Electric Drill Metal Polishing Kits
Drill / Angle Grinder / Car Polisher Metal Polishing Kits


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Metal Polishing & Buffing Machines & Kits

250W Bench Metal Polishing Machine

150W Bench Mounted Metal Polishing Machine

370W Bench Metal Aluminium Polishing Machine

Aluminium, Stainless Steel Polishing Machine With Flexible Drive Shaft

Rotary Tool Meyal Polisher
Bench Grinder Add-ON Metal Polishing Kit
Car POloisher Metal Polishing Kit
Jewellery Polishing Polisher Machines

Car Polisher Metal Polishing Kit