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Metal Polishing Wheels And Polishes

Polishing Wheel & Polishing Bar Combination Sets - Click to view

We supply a large range of polishes and oils from Autosol, Peek, Abro and Granville as can be seen below

Autosol Metal and Plastic Polishes

Autosol Metal Polish

Metal Polish
This incomparably superior, quality metal polish is our most popular product. It has won three international gold medals and is recommended by manufacturers, museums and restoration experts around the world. It safely and easily removes oxidation, corrosion, stains, and rust. It produces a brilliant reflective luster and leaves an invisible protective coating to ensure a long-lasting shine.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS1

Autosol Gold and Silver Polish

Gold and Silver Polish
Autosol Gold & Silver Polish has been developed to provide safe and effective cleaning of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Gold & Silver Polish easily restores and polishes soft metals to a brilliant finish whilst protecting against corrosion and tarnish.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS2

Autosol Aluminium Polish

Aluminium Polish
This revolutionary, ammonia-free product, created in the laboratories of Dursol-Fabrik, is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces leaving an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to spray on Autosol Metal Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS3

Autosol Stainless Steel Polish

Stainless Steel Polish
Especially formulated for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. Designed to shine polished stainless steel to an extremely high lustre without scratching. The high quality ingredients, especially selected for stainless steel surfaces, ensure a brilliant and shining result. NSF® Registered for use in and around food processing areas.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS4

Autosol  Shine Polish

This domestic metal cleaning product has the ability to not only clean metal surfaces but to also protect them from tarnishing. SHINE Metal Polish is ideal for cleaning, polishing and protecting bright metal surfaces around the house and commercial areas. Great for polishing aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper and most other metals. DURSOL® Shine can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS5

Autosol Scratch Remover

Scratch Remover
This gentle and effective cleaner restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched synthetic glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields. It removes hazing and yellowing, while also filling in fine scratches to ensure uninhibited visibility. Leaves a clear, long-lasting, protective film to protect against scratches, weather damage and UV rays.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS6

Autosol Acrylic Polish

Acrylic Polish
The paste formula in a 75ml tube offers 10x the polishing power of a liquid equivalent. The Autosol Acrylic Polish formula polishes: acrylic, plastic, perspex and many more. Autosol Acrylic Polish removes common problems such as discolouration, tarnishing, staining and scratches with ease. The surface is left with an ultra-thin wax coating to prevent the surface from further degradation. This product is non-toxic and ammonia free, making it ideal for household, automotive or industrial use.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS7

Autosol Plastic Cleaner

Plastic Cleaner
This dual action cleaner and conditioner restores color and sheen to plastic. UV inhibitors protect plastic from fading and brittleness. Anti-static agents repel dust and dirt. This silicone-free, non-toxic formula leaves a matte finish with a pleasant orange fragrance.

75ml Tube
Item - ATS8

Autosol Marine Shine 75ml Tube

Marine Shine
Marine Shine is a highly abrasive cleaning, polishing and rubbing agent for weathered boat surfaces. Marine Shine cleans and removes rust from all bright metal surfaces and fibreglass reinforced plastic surfaces on boats. The abrasive agents remove stubborn stains and delays renewed tarnishing and corrosion. Product Benefits * Removes weathering from metal & GRP surfaces * Prevents tarnishing and corrosion
75ml Tube
Item - ATS9

Autosol Marine Shine 1kg Tin
1kg Tin
Item - ATS10


Autosol Liquid Chrome Cleaner

Liquid Chrome Cleaner 
Is a polishing, cleaning and care product for all metallic surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Stubborn surface dirt can be removed easliy and gently and an effective protective layer will be applied at the same time. Autosol Liquid Chrome Cleaner is NSF registered for use in and around food processing areas.
Product Benefits
* Cleans and polishes
* For most metal surfaces
* Less abrasive than Autosol Paste
250ml Tin
Item - ATS12


A set of foam pads, polishing whhels and wool

A kit consisting of 3" / 75mm foam pads, polishing wheels and a wool bonnet, with a backing pad and mandrel, for use with the polishes. Suitable for use with a variable speed car polisher (M14 spindle) or an electric drill



Shipping Costs & Prices
UK - All prices shown on this page include VAT & Free Shipping to UK Addresses.
International - Please Contact us for Shipping Rates to your country. International Buyers may need to pay import duties / taxes on the arrival of their order into their country. Prices ahown are in British Pounds. International Buyers - Please contact us to place an order.

Peek Metal Polishes

            Peek Metal Polish cleans polishes and protects a range of metals including silver brass copper aluminium gold chrome and steel.

Maintaining clean and glistening metal furniture is made simple with Peek. 

Peek Metal Polish leaves a thin protective layer behind to prevent dullness and staining in the long term.
Cleaning, polishing, buffing and protection: Peek Polish cleans and polishes very gently, it buffs and protects many types of metals and plastics. After cleaning with Peek Polish, your object will look like new again!
Removing stains and discolorations: Many types of stains and discoloration can easily be removed with Peek Polish. Peek Polish removes e.g. oxidation, rust and dull spots. After buffing with Peek Polish, it leaves a protective coating. For about a period of 3 months, Peek Polish repels the effect of the elements. Of course, this may be longer or shorter, depending on the circumstances.

Peek Metal Polish 50ml Tube
50ml Tube
Item - Peek1

Peek Metal Polish 100ml Tube
100ml Tube
Item - Peek2

Peek Metal Polish 250ml Tin
250ml Liquid Tin
Item - Peek3

1000ml Tin
250ml Paste Tin
Item - Peek4

Peek Metal Polishing Paste 1000ml Tin
1000ml Paste Tin
Item - Peek5


ABRO and Granvilles Products

Abro Rust Converter

ABRO Metal Rust Converter Sealer Aerosol Spray Seals And Stops Rust
  • ABRO Rust Converter 400ml.
  • ABRO Top Quality, Made in U.S.A.
  • Transforms Rust On Contact Into a Sand-able and Paintable Surface.
  • Prevents Future Rust From Forming. 
  • Seals and Stops Rust in One Easy Step. 
  • Ideal for Automotive and Home Applications. 
  • Sprays on clear and turns into a Black water proof coating.
  • Penetrates rust 7 - 10 times deeper than standard rust converters.
  • Free of lead zinc and chromium.
  • Over Paintable.
  • Size: 283g / 400ml.
  • As the product dries it forms an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture.
  • Made in USA.
Method Of Use
  • Remove rust, grease and dirt with a wire brush, sand paper or a sandblasting process.
  • Rust and scale may only be visible as slight shading. In addition to rust, the steel must also be free from dust and grease.
  • Carefully clean with acetone or lacquer thinner. Shake the spray can well.
  • The product should be applied in several successive coats, at a distance of approx. 25 cm.

400ml Can
Item - Abro1

Granville Rust Cure

Granville Rust Converter, used by the MOD and NATO, is a co-polymer latex combined with organic chelating agents designed for application to corroded ferrous substrates. Rust Converter actively converts the rust present on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex. As the polymer dries it forms an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture effectively sealing out any further corrosion. Rust Converter has an extremely low order of toxicity and does not contain phosphoric acid or lead. Rust Converter exhibits excellent resistance to acid and alkali splashes. Contact with aliphatic or aromatic solvents will cause softening of the film which will recover.

Product Benefits
  • Water based formulation
  • Low VOC
 Technical Specifications:
  • Touch dry: 15 - 30 minutes
  • Coverage @ 75um
  • WFT: 10 - 12m2 per litre
  • Water vapour permeability 25um DFT @ 38°C 90% RH
  • Appearance : Milky off white solution
  • Odour : Characteristic
  • Specific Gravity : 1.2
  • Solubility : Soluble in water when un-cured
  • Flashpoint : 58°C
250ml Jar
Item - Granville1



Health & Safety
Always Use Safety Equipment – A dust mask, safety spectacles / face shield and gloves should be worn at all times. These are also available from our Shop

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