Metal Polishing Compound Bars


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Metal Polishing Wheels and Compound Bar Sets

Polishing Wheel & Polishing Bar Combination Sets - Click to view

Metal Polishing Compound Bars

Compound Bar Weights Vary From 90gms to 105gms.
Bar Dimensions Are Shown Below

Brown - For first cut and flattening of non-ferrous metals.  
Blue - For final finishing of non-ferrous metals.   
Black - For first cut and flattening of stainless steel & steels.   
White - For final high polish finishing of stainless steels. 
Green - For final finishing of steels.  
Pink - For final high polish finishing of chrome.  
Rouge - For polishing soft precious metals such as gold and silver

Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Brown
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Blue
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Black
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - White
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Green
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Pink
Metal Polishing Compound Bar - Rouge

The composition of each bar varies and includes a blend of mineral oils, plant lipide, brown corundum & aluminium oxide.

Potential Health Effects
- Inhalation : Material is not considered an inhalation hazard as supplied. However, dust generated during polishing may irritate the respiratory tract.
- Eye Contact : Mildly irritating to the eye for short term contact. Long term contact can produce scratching of the cornea through abrasive action.
- Skin Contact : Product does not generally irritate and is only mildly irritating to sensitive skin.
- Ingestion : No hazard anticipated through ingestion in normal industrial use.

Safety : During polishing / buffing the use of a face shield or safety glasses, cloth gloves, and a dust mask is recommended.

Shipping Costs & Prices
UK - All prices shown include VAT & Free Shipping to UK Addresses.
International - Please Contact us for Shipping Rates to your country. International Buyers may need to pay import duties / taxes on the arrival of their order into their country. Prices below are in British Pounds. International Buyers - Please contact us to place an order and for Euro / US$ Prices

Metal Polishing Compound Bar Size Guide

Metal Polishing Compound Bar Size Guide

Autosol Shine Polish

Health & Safety
Always Use Safety Equipment – A dust mask, safety spectacles / face shield and gloves should be worn at all times. These are also available from our Shop

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Metal Polishing Compound Bars / Soaps