Bench Grinder Spindle Adapters and Drill Mandrels



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Metal Polishing Wheel Mandrels & Bench Grinder Spindle Adapters & Drill Chuck

Polishing Wheel Mandrels

For connecting Metal Polishing / Buffing Wheels to an Electric Drill which has an adjustable chuck.
Available in a choice of 3 sizes
Short - 65mm, 33gms
Standard - 105mm, 81gms
Long - 145mm, 122gms
Shanks - 8mm diameter
For use with 3" and 4" polishing wheels (max 10mm bore) which are no more than 1/2" (12mm) thick.
Suitable for Polishing Wheels as shown in our own range of kits and wheels in our Shop.
May not fit polishing wheels from other manufacturers.
Not suitable for 5", 6" or polishing wheels which are 1" thick

Polishing Wheel Drill Mandrel - Long




Polishing Wheel Drill Mandrel - Standard




Polishing Wheel Drill Mandrel - Short Version



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Bench Grinder & Angle Grinder Spindle Adapters

Bench Grinder Spindle Adapters
These Spindle Adapters (12.7mm Bore) convert your existing 6" Bench Grinder into a Polishing Machine.

Please Note : These polishing wheel bench grinder spindle adapters can only be used on a bench grinder which has 12.5mm diameter spindle shafts.
Please accurately check your 6" Bench Grinder before purchasing.

 Suitable for Polishing Wheels which have a Maximum 10mm Centre Bore and which Have Leather / Plastic Centre Pre-fitted Supporting Discs.

Suitable Polishing Wheels for use with these Spindle Adapters can be found in our Shop

Bench Grinder Spindle Adapter - Long Length Version




Bench Grinder Spindle Adapter - Short Length Version




Bench Grinder Drill Chuck + Adapter

Bench Grinder Drill Chuck + Adapter
The adapter (12.7mm bore) converts your existing 6" Bench Grinder into a machine which has a chuck.
** Can only be used on the Right Hand Side of the Bench Grinder. Use With Light Pressure.
PLEASE NOTE: This polishing bench grinder spindle adapters can only be used on a 6" bench grinder which has 12.5mm diameter spindles / shafts.
Please check your 6" Bench Grinder before purchasing.
Drill Chuck - Lightweight, keyless.
10mm Chuck (nylon case) - 50mm x 40mm
Jaw capacity : 2mm - 10mm
Bench Grinder Drill Chuck Plus Adapter


Angle Grinder / Car Polisher Polishing Wheel Adapter

Angle Grinder Polisher Metal Polishing Wheel Adapter



M14 Threaded Drill Chucks - 13mm Capacity

Maximum Speed - 3000 rpm
Suitable For variable speed angle grinders and car polishers which have a M14-2 Spindle
Not Suitabe for fixed speed angle drinders (10,000 / 11,000rpm) or for use with drill bits or burrs when used on metals.

These chucks have been re-bored and re-threaded from 1/2" x 20 UNF to M14-2

Angle Grinder Polisher Metal Polishing Wheel Adapte
M14 Drill Chuck With Key
Metal Body With Nylon Sleeve
Capacity - 2mm to 13mm

Item - BGDC1

Out Of Stock
With Key
Metal Body
Capacity - 1.5mm to 13mm

Item - BGDC2



Health & Safety
Always Use Safety Equipment – A dust mask, safety spectacles / face shield and gloves should be worn at all times. These are also available from our Shop

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Metal Polishing & Buffing Kit Adapters