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Safety Wear For Use With Our Metal Polishing Machines & Kits

Face Shield
Safety Glasses

Code SFTY1

Face Shield

Lightweight polycarbonate face shield with clear, flip-up, impact resistant visor.
Features brow guard with adjustable ratchet headband for increased comfort.
Conforms to EN166

Code SFTY2

Wrap Around Safety Glasses

Clear safety glasses in wraparound design for maximum visibility and eye protection.
Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses with lightweight frame.
Ideal for use in the workshop or general DIY. Conforms to EN166.

UV Safety Glasses
Safety Cotton Gloves

Code SFTY3

UV Protection Safety Glasses

With yellow UV protective tint ideal for low light conditions.
Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses.
Wraparound design for maximum visibility and eye protection.
Lightweight frame. Ideal for use in the workshop or general DIY.
Conforms to EN166.


Code SFTY4

Cotton Gloves
1 X Pair
Double-Sided Dot Gloves. Heavy duty construction for general usage.
Double-sided PVC dot coat. 10-gauge cotton knitted liner.
Seamless, ambidextrous glove with knitted wrist. Simple design

Dust Mask
Face Mask

Code SFTY5

Dust Mask

Pack Of 5
Disposable cup mask. Single use.
This product does not offer rated protection

Code SFTY6

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Pack Of 5
Soft, odourless and non-irritating with flexible earloops and full width, pliable nosepiece.
Protects against dust.
More comfortable than moulded masks, with less condensation

Polishing Compound Bars
The composition of each bar varies and includes a blend of mineral oils, plant lipide, brown corundum
& aluminium oxide.

Potential Health Effects
Inhalation :
Material is not considered an inhalation hazard as supplied. However, dust generated during polishing may irritate the respiratory tract.
Eye Contact : Mildly irritating to the eye for short term contact. Long term contact can produce scratching of the cornea through abrasive action.
Skin Contact : Product does not generally irritate and is only mildly irritating to sensitive skin.
Ingestion : No hazard anticipated through ingestion in normal industrial use.

Safety : During polishing / buffing the use of a face shield or safety glasses, cloth gloves, and a dust mask is recommended.

Shipping Costs & Prices
UK - All prices shown include VAT & Free Shipping to UK Addresses.
International - Please Contact us for Shipping Rates to your country. International Buyers may need to pay import duties / taxes on the arrival of their order into their country. Prices below are in British Pounds. International Buyers - Please contact us to place an order and for Euro / US$ Prices

Health & Safety
Always Use Safety Equipment – A dust mask, safety spectacles / face shield and gloves should be worn at all times.

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Metal Polishing & Buffing Kits Safety Wear